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History of the welfare state

The welfare state has produced a lot of state and very little welfare.

Country From Date To Date Event
UK 01/01/1536 31/12/1547 The Monasteries - major benefactors of the poor - are expropriated by Henry VIII
UK 01/01/1563 31/12/1563 Queen Elizabeth's government compels the rich to give money for the benefit the poor
UK 01/01/1601 31/12/1601 The poor laws become settled.
UK 01/01/1795 31/12/1795 Meeting in Speenhamland - leading to means tested welfare benefits based on needs and paid outside the workhouse
UK 01/01/1834 31/12/1834 Royal commission on poor laws leads to reduction of benefits outside the workhouse
UK 01/01/1870 31/12/1870 Education is made compulsory
UK 01/01/1908 31/12/1908 State pension is created
UK 01/01/1911 31/12/1911 State health insurance begins (alongside private)
UK 01/01/1911 31/12/1911 State unemployment insurance created for 2.4mill people, but not intended to damage friendly societies
UK 01/01/1942 31/12/1942 Beveridge report published and all leading parties endorse it
UK 01/01/1944 31/12/1944 R.A. Butlers Education Act leads to state control over most church schools and increases the years of compulsory education
UK 01/01/1945 31/12/1945 Government embarks on building five million houses in quick time
UK 01/01/1946 31/12/1946 Unemployment insurance is extended to all workers. State pensions are combined with the scheme
UK 01/01/1948 31/12/1948 The state takes over hospitals to create the NHS
UK 01/01/1967 31/12/1967 Rate rebates are introduced. Government encourages local councils to give rent rebates
UK 01/01/1972 31/12/1972 Rent rebates are made mandatory nationwide. Rent allowances are created for private tenancies.(housing benefit)
UK 01/01/1970 31/12/1972 Invalidity benefit developed

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