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Ron Paul

Ron Pauls presidential bid interview 1988

Ron Pauls presidential bid interview 1988

  • How do you deliver bread to poor people? They work, go out and get it.
  • Goods and services in a free society are delivered by the marketplace, not by Government
  • We do not have the right to steal from you because someone else on the street needs your help.
  • Welfare should be done through voluntary means, never by force
  • USA prospered when it was a free market country, and HK did well when it was a free market.

Ron Pauls positions 1988

  • In regards to legalisation of drugs, to support it doesn't mean you are in support of people taking drugs, it is that you support legalisation of freedom. This is in addition to freedom to be political/intellectual pursuits and freedom to choose religion
  • Making drugs illegal is historically new
  • Criminalisation of drugs has been a cause of increased crime
  • Laws create a lot of incentives for kids to get into the trade to make money
  • We are inconsistent making tabacco and alcohol legal but drugs not.
  • When asked who would look after the poor if welfare stopped, one can ask who is looking after the poor today, we have more poor than ever.
  • If you divide all the welfare by all the poor people there is no reason why there should be poor people.
  • Welfare causes inflation and deficits

John Stossel interviews Ron Paul

John Stossel interviews Ron Paul

  • You can oppose things, but that doesn't mean government has the right to change them
  • Marijuana has medicinal benefits, which are denied to sick people
  • Government should not be involved in personal habits
  • The exception is where children below the age of making good choices can be protected
  • Governments have moved in on church territory
  • When you defend freedom, you defend freedom of choice, and you can't be picky about how people use those freedoms.
  • Government cannot legislate virtue
  • Governments cannot protect citizens from themselves otherwise you end up in a tyrannical State.
  • Have you ever heard a government say they want to do less
  • Government should protect our freedoms and national defence, police and enforce contracts
  • Government are not good educators
  • Government creates too many rules and the wrong ones
  • If you subsidise and encourage illegal immigration, you get more of it
  • Lets not reward people who get in front of the line
  • the failure of government is becoming more evident than before
  • Government interferes too often and we become complacent ad depend on the govt to protect us and they fail
  • they don't provide the services the claim
  • Government do not keep there promises
  • there is no such thing as free healthcare
  • Government agencies cause moral hazard
  • Government is unfair people subsidise others for problems they avoided
  • Food can be produced without subsidies
  • Freedom and tyranny are our only two choices
Ron Paul Interviewed by Kevin Miller

Ron Paul Interviewed by Kevin Miller

  • The individual is responsible for protecting themselves.
  • If a company sells bad products the consumer should be able to litigate.
  • the market is not perfect but it is going to be so much better than when you have it politicised. Especially when the government makes one decision for every one of us.
  • Government creates a lot of pre-emptive legislation, but they don't apply that to a newspaper

Ron Paul defends receiving money from a white supremist

Ron Paul on receiving money from a white supremisit

  • A lot of political ads are distracting from the real issues.
  • You can't control your supporters, and just because someone bad endorses you, doesn't mean you endorse their beliefs. 
  • You also can't screen all your supporters.
  • Bad supporters only make a small portion of each party

Message of Ron Paul

Ron Paul in Google interview

Ron Paul's Talk at Google, 13/7/07

  • Ron Paul beleives the US should have constitution as an agreement between the people and the government.
  • The constitution has been ignored.
  • US foreign policy is ridiculous
  • Tarrifs are taxes
  • Some contracts are not as good as others , but freedom to contract is an essential right
  • What contract can you do now without interferece from the government
  • The government owns 100% of your income and decides what you keep
  • The swiss government does a much better job of protecting its people
  • Poverty would be reduced in a libertarian society
  • The early years of the USA provide an example of how the free market worked.
  • What we are seeing now is pseudo prosperity
  • The free market brings prices down (like computers), but the government does not do that, prices keep going up (like in medicine)
  • Some of the statistics suporting global warming are overdone. You deserve it to yourself to read both sides of the argument.
  • In a free society you have to be tolerant of some of the inequities in the system, just as today we are tlerant of some inequities in the system... e.g people have different moral standards.
  • there is always a cost if government would be involved.
  • The country is wealthier without the govenment, and problems can be solved.
  • Only freedom really has compassion
  • If a government has an asset, its best functioning is disposing of that asset.
  • We ive with the tyrrany of the majority, if you get 51 % of the vote to transfer wealth, that becomes law of the land.
  • When we endorse free speech, we do it on the basis of principle, not because we endorse what certain elements of societry are trying to say.
  • The individual is the biggest minority, we go off in a tangent when we talk about collective rights
  • There should not be campaign finance laws, its your money spend it how you want. If the government stopped divying up the loot, the special interests would go away.

Ron Pauls interview on YouTube

Ron Pauls interview on YouTube

  • America survived without an income tax until 1913
  • release all the creative energy and productive effort by reducing government
  • Government is worse for the environment than the free market, this is because government colludes with big business
  • The free market does not allow you to pollute your neighbours property. Government allows it.
  • The environment under the communist system was a total disaster
  • When everybody owns something, no-body owns it, and therefore nobody is resonsible for it, it is not taken care of.
  • The law protects a foetus as a life, if you damage a fetus you can be held liable for this, but the law of abortion is inconsistent, a mother can legally abort a fetus.
  • Ron Paul is a physician who didn't like what he got from the federal government, not wanting to drop out or leave the country he uses his remaining freedoms to try and influence and educate people for the better.

Ron Paul on Young Turks

Ron Paul on Young turks

  • The is an implication that our problems come from not enough regulators.
  • Asking for a precedent for the markets working perectly is like asking for an example of socialism working perfectly.
  • If someone puts $100 in my account and I lend out $90 then the money supply is $190.

Ron Paul on his book

Ron Paul on his book

  • The political parties stand roughly the same on the issues, just a matter of degree.
  • Less deficit does not mean less spending
  • Price gives the market incentives to come up with solutions

Ron Paul on another book