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Edward J Griffin

Looks a bit contrived but a good video

  • The three problems according to Edward -Growth of government and loss of freedom,Corruption,Apathy.
  • Part of the apathy comes from the fact people don't know what they can do.
  • Analogies are good because we can look at things being removed from the situaton

  • Do nothing (a popular choice)
  • Join the bad guys
  • Get out of the country
  • Hide
  • Register protest
  • Take to court
  • Organise a religion

  • We have to co-operate, we need activists, a training program, the organisation should not be subverted, and principles.
  • we must know what we are for as well as against
  • Totalitarian governments are based on collectivism or theocracies
  • Colectivists are not happy trying to persuade people, thet want to co-erce people
  • Most people think freedom is not being in jail
  • We need to take back the power centers one by one
  • It makes no difference what you think if others hold the power
  • Power does not seek those who are virtuous, it belongs to those who reach for it
  • Once power achieved it must be defended
  • Any system that relies on only good people being elected is not going to work
  • Collectivists are the enemy of religion as they contradict the state as a form of salvation.