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Financial markets
Listing how to avoid financial mistakes is like trying to dump the contents of the Encyclopedia. Some lessons below :
Rule 1) With investing beating the market consistently is near on impossible (exception Warren Buffet and Goldman Sachs - that's your competition)
Rule 2) Never assume you are right with any investment and if your hypothesis is going the wrong way, exit it before your losses get too big.
Rule 3) Never invest more than you are willing to lose.
Rule 4) Don't try and time you investment, invest in installments to get an average price.
Rule 5) No-one can predict the future, so anyone that thinks they can is worth ignoring.
Rule 6) Try to align your investments with your interests, so that if the investment falls you can still benefit from it
 e.g1 If buying an investment property, choose one you could yourself live in, that way if you can't rent it out, you can move there. 
 e.g2 If moving to another country, then make your investments in that currency, so if that currency goes up, you won't lose any money on exchange rate risks.

Follow these rules and you are less likely to be an unsuccessful investor.

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