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Group Rights

“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

"Instead of fighting racial discrimination, they are demanding that racial discrimination be legalised and enforced, today it is not the oppressor but the opressed minority that ae demanding the establishment of racial quotas. Private racisim is not a legal issue but a moral issue and can be fought only by private means, such as economc boycott or social ostracism."

   --  Ayn Rand

White privilege

Lets just take this to its logical conclusion.
  • Racism is bad. 
  • Racism is discriminating based on race.
  • There may be some privileges that some white people get some of the time in certain environments.  We will put all this benefit into a seperate(discriminatory) bucket based on race. Lets call it "White privilege."
  • Tacking this will tackle racism!! 

How can using by definition a racist term, help reduce the effects of racism?

Sometimes being white may confer privileges in some situations sometimes.  But there are other things to consider.:


If you white and not Dutch, you wouldn't feel privileged living in Holland. You would be at a great disadvantage with language and jobs, income, culture, and relationships. There is not a problem with 'Native Dutch privilege', any remedy asked for, would have unnecessarily punished the Dutch through no fault of their own. Any bitterness would have just affected you more than anyone else.
Dutch privilege, just "Is", and you just get on and do your best.

Who is white?

I am not sure how white privilege mechanics work.
What if you are mixed race?
What if you are a dark skinned person fully integrated with a "white culture"?
What if you are of dark skin heritage, but pretty white, what if you are from a white skinned heritage but pretty tanned?

What is race?

In any case, is a usable concept. Unless someone can tell say where one race begins and another starts?
It sounds like a lazy way to put people into groups and not take into account individual nuances, something the left are very good at.

If White privilege exists what does it mean?

Taking the case where People of colour(POC) may respond better to studies where there is a black role model.
Does it mean that as well as merit, race has to be a factor in hiring professors? Does doing this demoralise some non POC realising no matter how hard they try they may be refused a job as they are not the right 'race'?

Does it mean extra POC staff have to be hired, at an extra cost to all studentsto remediate? Is that trade off worth it?

Does it mean, nothing can be done, we all just have to feel bad about some people having a harder time in some aspects?

Are there alternatives to needing a role model that could remove the need for one. As its not always possible to provide a good role model for everyone who needs it. Or is a token effort enough?

Does it mean we need to start considering every privilege and managing them all, with the second privilege meaning the black male professor doesn't now get the job as we need a woman or a trans?
If we don't have to consider every privilege, then why just race?
Is it a finger in the air category, or does only race matter?

If White privilege is proved, and no other privilege is taken into account. How far does it have to be remediated, who decdes and what methods are allowed to be used.
People calling for white privilege saying its benign concept, will they be the ones implementing the solution, or will it be someone more millitant?

Why does only racial 'privilege' matter.
Why privilege is binary, as in you have it or not. (There's no grey area or scale).
Why it is assumed only white people have privilege.
Why privilege is seen as a positive in itself. If you are white sometimes you are expected to do well, and east asian, even more so.

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