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With the Left and Right jointly responsible for undermining family and community, Mrs. Thatcher’s service-based economy has stepped in to fill the gap. In the broken society of individuals, people now have to pay for services that they once got from their family. This constitutes in effect, the industrialization of the family.

Once upon a time, there was no difficulty in finding a baby-sitter. There was always an aunt or a grandmother willing to step in and help. Nowadays, hard-working parents have to pay for professional childcare, which is not only expensive, but is often less effective, and ideologically driven.

The single mother receives her economic support from the State, rather than her husband. The family courts and social services arbitrate in family disputes which would once have been settled in private. The police are getting involved in school discipline. Women are being sold insurance policies promising to carry out repairs to their house, or to change a wheel on their car, services they would once have got for free from their husbands.