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Repeal wish list

In the U.K
  1. Repeal the Sunday Trading Act
    The ability for stores to open when they want should be left to the businesses themselves. This is an unnecessary restriction by the state and has the possibility to create a number of jobs.
  2. Convicted criminals should not be allowed to claim against their victims for personal injury where the injury was as a result of their own wrong-doing. Any other 'compensation' to the criminal should be limited to a small percentage of any damages awarded to their victims.
  3. All human rights and benefits taken away from all prisoners. Why should we reward the criminals?
  4. I would like employers to be able to choose who they employ and not be restricted by the human rights act.
  5. I would decriminalise cannabis. I do not like it, but banning cannabis does not work - the millions of smokers in the UK are proof of this. It is estimated that the cannabis trade is worth £4bn a year, which is money simply falling out of the economy. This would have the added benefit of drastically freeing up police time and prison space.
  6. Remove child benefit altogether. You can always increase other benefits. A lot of people do not need it and it is unfair to people with no children.
  7. All foreigners coming into the country should not be given benefits or be able to use the NHS or even get council houses. They should have paid taxes first for one year before being able to do any of these.
  8. It's not necessarily the law that needs to change as much as the way it is administered. The current system sees twelve ordinary members of the public called for jury service sitting for days listening to legal arguments that they cannot possibly understand and then deciding guilt or innocence based on no legal experience at all. Once they have, in their total ignorance decided the offender is guilty the burden then moves to a judge, a person who, generally has no experience of what normal life is all about deciding what would be a suitable punishment. No wonder there are so many miscarriages of justice.
    I would reverse the whole scenario so that it would be up to the judge, or a panel of judges to listen to the evidence and the legal argument and, using their thorough understanding of the law decide whether the suspect is guilty or not. I would then have the jury of twelve ordinary members of the public brought in and briefed as to the facts of the case and advised what the possible range of penalties are for the offence and let them decide the outcome.
  9. I would like to see the Human Rights Act re-draughted and renamed the Human Responsibilities and Rights Act. The emphasis should be on what your responsibilities are that, once met, entitle you to your rights. Without meeting your responsibilities you cannot expect to have your rights. Far too many people "know their rights" very few understand their responsibilities, that is a failing of the current legislation and needs to be addressed.
  10. I would like to see the scenario whereby any new law introduced should have a 12 month probationary period after which time it should be renewed to determine if it is actually achieving it's objectives. If it is, fine but if it is not it should be either abolished or rewritten to take into account where it is failing.
    To give you an example, in 1971 when the Misuse of Drugs Act was introduced there were less than 50 registered heroin addicts in UK. We have had this legislation for nearly 40 years and the number of addicts is now counted in the thousands. Over that time we have spent billions of pounds of taxpayers money on the 'war on drugs' yet I am unable to recall a time when there was a shortage of drugs on the streets. Either scrap it or redraft it so that it achieves something rather than just absorbing vast amounts of public money for virtually no benefit.
  11. We need to separate our human rights, which should be universal, from our civil rights, which are only conferred to people who adhere to our human, and civil responsibilities.
    The Law Lords and the European Court of Human Rights may disagree, but the right to vote is a good example, of a civil right, which should be lost for the duration someone is in prison.
  12. Equality for fathers.
  13. I'd like to change the law so that everyone knows exactly where they stand when it comes to 'adulthood'.
    At the moment it's legal to have sex (and children) from the age of 16 but illegal to marry without parental consent. Absurdly it's illegal for a 16 year old to view a pornographic video when they're legally allowed to perform the acts in them! You can join the army age 16 but cannot vote for (or against) the politicians who may very well send you to war (I know under 18s don't serve on the front lines). Buying a lottery ticket is fine at 16, but placing a bet in a betting shop or playing a slot machine is for over 18s only! Driving is legal from the age of 17, yet anyone who commits a motoring offence at age 17 is tried as a juvenile.
  14. Make every offence carry the death penalty. Would reduce re-offending rates!
  15. Perhaps all laws should be repealed and a new, concise set of laws, be written
  16. They should repeal the disgusting law that obliges citizens to pay for the BBC if they want to watch any TV at all.
  17. The NHS must be used for the sick etc not bust ops or transgender changes,and even IVF must be limited,its not a womans right to have a child,only if it happens.And for goodness sake stop messing around with the clocks every year,and single mothers under the age of 18,must go into homes if their parents wont accept responsibility,they certainly should not be given flats or houses.And sort out these race hate laws,different races have always had nicknames
  18. If we want to donate it's our choice.
  19. Young people are too often unfairly discriminated against and their rights are too frequently left to the discretion of their parents. Smacking and corporal punishment is utterly unacceptable; criminals and animals have a greater protection from violence, which is utterly abhorrent. Young people should not be forced to attend jail-like institutions for their educational provision; school needs to be an optional right and the institution must reflect a society that values autonomy and freedom. We do so much damage by linking the acquisition of knowledge to grotesque impositions and tyranny. Never should a young person be labelled a truant for simply existing outside of a horrific institution at certain hours. And ageism should be explicitly reviled at every level of the state. 
  20. Many laws were introduced over the last 13 years which were in addition to existing laws which covered very similar existing offences. For example, why do we need a different law to penalise driving using a mobile phone when we already had driving without due care and attention. The government needs to examine laws to see where there is duplication or where a pre existing law could replace a new offence with minor amendment.
  21. The Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 in its entirety should be abolished. This is an outrageous attack on freedom of speech, and freedom of expression, enacted to placate religious bigots who are unable to withstand proper and open public criticism of their beliefs. It is outrageous to use the law to prevent anyone feeling offended when their beliefs are held up to inspection, or even ridicule. The ability to question what we are told as "eternal or universal truths" by someone else is fundamental to our democracy and traditions.
    There are sufficient other laws on the statute book which adequately protect everyone from an unacceptable abuse of our hard-won freedoms.
  22. Remove laws against things that don't actually do any harm. e.g  public nudity, causing offence, prostitution, 'obscenity'.
  23. Drug taking as a recreational activity carries risks. Other recreational activities such as playing rugby, rock climbing, horse riding, diving, also carry risks. As a percentage of the people who undertake these recreational activities, far more people die or permanently injure themselves as a result of playing rugby, rock climbing, horse riding, and diving than do those who take drugs. All such recreational activity should either be banned or allowed. Why is recreational drug taking treated differently to other recreational activities?
  24. Any and all Laws which foster REVERSE-Discrimination should be stricken
  25. People should not be prosecuted for expressing anti-homosexual views
  26. It should be up to me to decide how much I want to protect myself.
  28. All British citizens should be equal before the Law. I resent being discriminated against because I am White.
  29. When you discriminate, you are being prejudiced, no matter how you defend it.