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Life Lottery

One of the stronger cases for equality is the life lottery theory.

The theory goes something like this. Each person being born is like a lottery, we each have one lottery ticket. But some people are born into money and good health and are lucky, and others are not.

We don't choose to be here, but if we did, we would probably want a system where the more lucky ones helped out the less lucky ones, not knowing which we would be.

This kind of makes sense. But...
  • There were people who had to make an assessment about whether we should be born, and they thought we would like it. 
  • The theory ignores personal effort, and says life is 100% luck. But there have been unlucky people who have put effort in and become a success. Also there has been rich people whom have not fared well. 
  • It's easy to look at someone that is unfortunate and say "That could have been me". But that's not true, you don't just come out of a random box, your parents make you.You have their genes, if you were born to different parents or in a different time you would not have been you.