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  • This is meaningless
  • Running track example good way of explaining
  • Treatment = Same conditions
  • Opportunity = Same conditions + handicap
  • Outcomes = Same result. (ignores inputs like hours worked) (you must include everything and be totalitarian, or be arbitrary)
  • Outcomes – We can never answer if we take everything into account if the outcome is equal.
  • Outcomes- when you do decide to include everything in your calculation you have to weight different outcomes, this is difficult from a state level, and individuals already do this
  • Ask leftists, when is it too progressive , or when are taxes too high
  • Really about imposition of values.
  • One persons ideas about what is fair are another's ideas about what is prejudice,

Something for nothing culture

This cuture uses Fairness as an excuse to get something for nothing.
"When someone gets something for nothing, someone else gets nothing for something which is just plain not fair."