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Other discrimination

Quote 86-87

"There are no segregated ghettos populated by the ugly. The world has never seen a "weight riot" nor has any society suffered any social unrest caused by animus toward people with beady eyes or bad acne."

"But that doesn't distinguish the problems of overweight or "ugly" people from the disadvantages suffered by people who, through no fault of their own, are burdened with inbred obnoxiousness, inherited  physical weakness, or lower than average native intelligence."

   --  Richard Thomson Ford


Quote 79

"Can physical appearance be a job qualification? Or is it like race- a personal characteristic that employers and customers should ignore?"

   --  Richard Thomson Ford

Thankfully few people today endorse the belief that physical appearance corresponds to inward virtue. But most people value good looks in and of themselves. All other things being equal people prefer beauty.

If the complaint is that good looks are the gift of fortuity rather than the fruit of labour, it should worry us that those who issue the righteous call to prohibit discrimination on the basis of looks are happy to leave other unearned advantages fall where they lie.

   --  Richard Thomson Ford


If I am denied a job because I'm too short, or because I remind the boss of a hated ex-husband, that’s unfair. But it is not likely that the next employer will share this idiosyncratic bias.

   --  Richard Thomson Ford


"In this Hobbesian war for personal space, the obese passenger is as popular as leprosy"

"And it demands not equal treatment, but rather a covert subsidy, when it insists employers, insurers and common carriers ignore the objective costs associated with obesity"

   --  Richard Thomson Ford