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Gender Discrimination

Physical differences between men and women

There are two types of physical differences. 
  1. Definitional. An example is the difference in reproductive features that define what is a man and woman.
  2. Averages.  An example, is an average women tend to be smaller and lighter than the average man.
Men and women are different always on the first type and sometimes on the second, this is a fact and that is why we don't install urinals in the women's toilets.

It is always proper to discriminate when it comes to differences of type 1. You wouldn't have a pregnancy test for a man, or a prostate test for a woman.

On the second type discrimination is sometimes natural. In the case of singers, females tend to have a higher voice. 
For your choir, you need 6 people with very high voices. 2/3 of women have high voices and 1/3 of men the same.
On average your choir will be filled with 2 men and 4 women. Not because you have discriminated on Gender, but because nature has discriminated. 

Physical advantages that each gender tend to have over each other.
Physical advantages by gender

Mental differences between men and women

The book "Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps" by Barbara and Alan Pease explain these well.

Mental advantages that each gender tend to have over each other.
Mental advantages by gender

Universal suffrage

As part of a long struggle for universal suffrage, after property owners getting the vote, and all men in general, women made a great stride when they also achieved the same legal rights as men to own property and vote in a democratic election.
The fight for rights to vote is not just a woman struggle, it was everyone's struggle.

How to deal with the differences in Gender

Dealing with differences in gender

Animal Farm all over again. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. 
Quite often the argument will go, women have been discriminated for centuries, therefore they need some recompense. However the particular women in question hasn't been discriminated against for centuries, and the men they want recompense from haven't received the benefit. All that matters are the current conditions, talking about previous ones just distract from the real issue.

When we should allow discrimination?

The false argument

Feminists try to paint all women as being in one group, and that there are a certain amount of advantages in a zero sum game, the idea is over all the women have a negative value in this game, and that men have a positive value.

The idea is that by giving women some more positive values, they will both be equal on zero. 

Zero sum between genders

Taking that argument that it is a zero sum game we can show if you view the disadvantaged women were grouped differently they are not disadvantaged.
Net sexual benefit

Most of us have family and friends from both sexes, and we indirectly get the benefits of both sexes when they help us.
(you may ask your mail friends to help you lift heavy objects when moving and your female friends to help with selecting birthday presents).

So the false argument rests on the fact that women as a group are disadvantaged and men are advantaged as a group.
It is very rare that people align themselves into these selected groups, as the advantages of working together are far greater. Complimentary rather competitive engagement.

Zero sum within gender (Yin/Yang)

Men and women are equal in different ways
Think of Hot and cold, or light and dark. You cannot have one without the other, but one is not superior than the other. Yet we should treat each one differently. You walk slower in the dark, and you like to be cool on a hot day. But the dark is good for viewing the stars and in the middle of winter we seek warmth.


"women suffer in the areas x, y and z, so therefore men have all the rights!"
This argument doesn't even argue that women's issues are greater, it's arguing that because women have issues, men don't! 
It's not a contest. Discrimination should be tackled on every front.

Gender-neutral equality 

Some woman claim they are unfairly discriminated against because they are raped or suffer physical abuse by men. This is proof of discrimination and men should feel guilty,in return women want more privileges. On the surface, this makes sense, until you realise that men/boys are raped as well and men suffer far more physical abuse than women overall.
Still, we can safely say most rapes, of either sex, are perpetrated by men. That does not mean all men are rapists.
Its not a problem of gender, both sexes should be protected, and all men should not be held accountable for the actions of a minority.

Cherry picking

Say 90% of the prison population are male, a feminist might argue that makes men 90% more criminal. But when the same person is approached with the fact that 90% of CEO's are male, they are not ready to admit that men are 90% more capable.

Cultural gender discrimination

I saw an advert on tv the other day involving 2 men speaking about a woman's genitals the scene then switched to several women taking their clothes off.
I saw an advert on tv the other day involving 2 women speaking about a man's genitals the scene then switched to several men taking their clothes off. 

One advert is real and the other would not be allowed by pc censors? 

Double standards!!!
On TV if you see a man hitting a woman over the head with a wine bottle, it'll be in a drama. If you see a woman hitting a man over the head with a wine bottle, it'll be in a comedy.

This is not anything sinister, but shows that the difference in the way we treat men and women is deeply ingrained.

Income discrimination

I've been thinking...I'm going to be a father for the first time this year, My wife is going to take a dramatic income reduction whilst she is on Maternity leave....I NEED to be paid more than her to cover this drop in income or none of us would be able to eat or have a roof over our head....Women THINK!!!

Excuse me while I complain about equal pay then take a year off work (paid) to have a child.

Men are genetically programmed to risk taking and increased chance of violence. Hence higher prison percentage but also higher percentage in certain high risk jobs. Its not discrimination against men to imprison more men as long as they are guilty, but its considered discrimination against women if you dont let them try the high risk job.

Do some women suffer from askers syndrome? Asker's Syndrome is that you're incapable of asking for what you want. Could this affect pay?


Women are not paid the same as men in tennis. Typically men are paid more.
  • it is unfair the prize fund is split evenly between the men's and women's games? If the women want equality then they should play against men.

During the 2005 championships, women played the maximum three sets in only 28 per cent of their matches while men reached four or five sets 55 per cent of the time. The average men's final match since 1980 has lasted 150 minutes compared to 92 minutes for women's finals. Genuine equality comes by acknowledging difference. The time disparity between women's and men's matches is almost entirely due, however, to the structure of the game, which has been kept more for reasons of tradition than any inherent difference of ability.

In any case Players such as Rafael Nadal, receive prize money and are not 'earn' anything, therefore comments about equal pay are specious. Prize money comes from TV rights and sponsorship, the mens singles tournament is by far the most popular, generating way more than the other. Would anyone think it was fair if the doubles players, the over 35's or the juniors got the same prize money as the men in the singles tournament?

Generational discrimination

How exactly is it a taste of our own medicine when the vast majority of men today weren't alive before women got the vote. Apparently we're now responsible for the actions of any member of our gender through history.

The problem with both the movements is the rate of change of society: they both want things to change overnight but fail to see that actually some things take generations: CEOs do not regularly change jobs. Currently women are dominating both education and jobs in younger people - what is this going to manifest itself as in 40 years when the current CEOs are dead and gone?

Selective Discrimination

Yes, more likely of Sexual Assualt, granted, but as a Male you are over 5 times more likely to be "just" Physically Assualted! Neither of which I would suggest is in any way acceptable, but do have a quick think about that before "dismissing" the topic.

What is discrimination

The student activists who are protesting outside the heats for the "Miss University London" beauty contest, in the belief that it is misogynist, should be glad that women can celebrate their bodies and faces in competitions such a this one . Or then again, they could always go and live under one of those fundamentalist regimes where women needent worry about these competitions because they have to cover up every peice of themselves all the time. The protesters have more in common with these regimes.
Those who are against beaurty contests, don't enter them. There you go problem sorted. Women cannot demand freedom to do what they want and then try and stop their own gender doing exactly that.

Institutional discrimination

There has been descimination against men for years now and I am fed up of it. There are women only colleges, women only hospitals, women only gyms, women only swimming hours all operated and therefore condoned by local councils. There is not a single men only conucil run service. What more proof of descimination do you need?

I want women to be treated as equally as men in all fields. In sport they should be made to play on equal terms and in the same leagues as men. All tennis tournaments should be of mixed gender. All Athletics competitions should be of mixed genders.and paid accordingly. They have no right to choose when they want to be judged equal.

You only had to look at the elevated prices men automatically had to pay for car insurance with personal risk being ignored.
Sexual equality in a nutshell;

Man is naked in his garden and is seen by his female neighbour - man arrested for being a flasher
Woman is naked in her garden and is seen by her male neighbour - man is arrested for being a peeping Tom

Somebody once said that "any woman who seeks to be like a man shows a marked lack of ambition"

Women and children first. Where is the equality in that?

Women get special advantages in society that men don't get , some 
feminists advocate further changes to give themselves more rights but if 
they were truly interested in equality they would advocate the removal of 
sexism in these special privileges. by special privileges I mean extra 
social welfare on the basis of sex and scholarships based on sex.

Some feminists creating inequality in the name of equality by creating 
simple models.
The new President in a South American country, the first woman president in that country has vowed to make half of her cabinet women.
         Using a simple model there may be some merit, but what if only 25% of women were interested in politics in that country and .05%  wanted to be politically active , and the number was twice that much for men. Then women are not treated equally as they should make a 1/3 of the cabinet. 


Women state that the worst pain in the world is that they endure when they give birth...I say getting kicked in the nads is much worse. Many women say that they can't wait to have another baby...where I still have to hear a man say I can't wait to get kicked in the nads again !

Divorce Discrimination

Generally on divorce the children will legally be given custody to the wife. Men claim that their rights have been violated. That may well be the case, but more importantly what is forgotten is that of the child's rights, never mind the mothers and fathers. If a child wants to stay with the father or mother, that should be a strong consideration.


We have moved away from being a role based society. Stereotypes have been broken down and technology and information have meant we can be and know all things. 
The traditional function of the man as protector and provider has been diluted. Also the traditional function of the woman as home-maker has been diluted. This has led to a loss of identity and the resulting consequences.

It is perhaps because of this reason as a contributing to marital breakup. Some individuals want to have the traditional roles, and some not. This expectation is not always discussed and people sometimes feel that the role their partner is taking is not correct and fell let down by it.

Where feminism managed to start the job of breaking down stereotypes about women there has really been not equivalent happen for men. 

Pay equality

There is something to be said for pay equality. From a business perspective, you are willing to pay based either on the ability to cut costs/output (productivity) or the ability to generate more revenue. Gender would not come into it.

However we continue to see stats that on average that women get paid at a lower rate than men. Most of these statistics are useless in proving there is some unfairness in the system.

Here are some other factors that need to be provided with the pay rates to work this out.
  • Are the pay rates the same within the same industry and the same job type. The problem may not be equal pay, but equal participation in high paying jobs.
  • Are men and women working the same hours
  • Men tend to be at the top of large companies, this pulls up the average rate men earn
  • How many months does the average women take off for maternity leave, how long is their job left open for, how much does their replacement cost, and overall how much does this cost the firm, including hassle and risk. This is a form of pay from the firms perspective.
  • Do employers pay less for candidates that ask for or accept less, and do women ask for less.

It is economic nonsense to say women get paid significant less for doing the same job. How is it than men get jobs at all then. "Greedy Capitalists" would only be hiring women to save costs.

If you believe there is a problem. If you also believe there is a place for public policy to resolve it, please be careful. One of the ways governments try to 'Resolve' this is to get companies to publish gender pay gaps. Companies can do this with no problem. Don't hire graduate women - problem solved. Graduates with mno jobs and no way to climb the income ladder but companies can show the gap is smaller.

Some feminists say equal pay for equal work, but that ignores a lot of 
   E.g 1 should the top male model get paid the same as the top female 
model. I would suggest not, since there is more demand to have a female 
model, and hence they have more value.
   E.g When I set up my small business, if I hire a woman there is more 
chance that she will become pregnant, causing significant financial risk, 
should I pay her the same as a male with no such risk.

Some professions women are paid more than men, where they have a clear competitive advantage. Female models get paid more than men for equivalent work. Women spend more on the goods that female models market, so get paid more for that reason.


Females could get paid the same as men, but the employer holding a pregnancy bond of say 20% of their pay, and if they became pregnant they would be able to cover the costs of hiring a temp, and business disruption? Possibly women on average probably cost a company just as much for men even if women's pay is less. It would then be under this premise, discriminatory against men to give women equal pay

Legal discrimination

Gender legal discrimination bias

Statistical discrimination

Job discrimination

Gender employment bias

Women complain that there are a lot more men in the board room, and this balance needs to be addressed, however these same people are not calling for more women to become litter collectors and sewage workers. There is no desire for equality here, just desire for money.

The office dress code is not seen as sexist because it favours women. If men could dress how they liked while women were subject to rules it would be labelled unfair.


Cato of Rome in 215 B.C
"Suffer them once to arrive at an equality with you, and they will from that moment become your superiors."

"I have no equals male or female"

"Of course I'm sexist (I'm male)"

"I wish I could play the victim. Must be a great life.
Sadly I'm a middle-aged white man, so I have no axe to grind."

Effects of discrimination

  • Most suicides are men
  • Most homeless are men
  • Most prison inmates are men
  • Men get dis-proportionally less funding for health issues than women
  • Men pay exceedingly more taxes
  • Women are significantly larger recipients of benefits and government expenditure.
  • So called "positive" discrimination discriminates against men in the workplace


Different Feminists regard the very notion of equality as misguided or simply undesirable. To want to be equal to man implies women are 'male identified' and they determine their goals in terms of what men have. The demand for equality therefore embodies a desire to be like men.

   --  Andrew Heywood
  • We can't say that feminism has improved the world because we can't see the world without it.
  • A problem is feminism has set men as the model to follow, which makes sense, but women have to make their own model and not say men have this, I want this too.
  • The extra choices that feminism has created has also created extra constraints.
  • Feminism has led to a direct decrease in birth rates, which has in turn has been a factor in increased immigration in the world, this immigration has had an impact on social destabilisation that we are seeing in France and Holland.
  • Women who are professional housewives are quite commonly looked down on, but being a housewife or mother is very important, and being a mother especially probably one of the most joyous/important things in the world. Just like it is getting harder and harder to survive without a phone and internet, something that gives us more choice but takes away our "choice" to have them, the same is true with women in the workforce. The woman has more choices to be educated or work, but now she MUST(generalisation) work.

"And the more highminded postfeminist reactions to gender politics are in large part anxious attempts to redefine and revitalise distinctively feminine roles disparaged by first wave feminism and erode by the sexual revolution"

   --  Richard Thomson Ford

Other discrimination

Should there be equal toilets for women and men? Should all toilets be unisex? Or should toilet allocation be according to patronage or time used.
Perhaps it should be up to each organisation to decide rather than an inflexible edict.

Haircuts. Women pay more for a harcut than men despite many factors. 
Barbers are not legally allowed to refuse a women a haircut, and so a simple solutuon would be for women to go a barber. Why do they not do this?
Although it has been said, that many factors are the same for mens and womens haircuts. It could be that womens hairdressers are better qaulified, and its not about the haircut, but the haricutter.
Or it could be that women value a haircut more, and therefore pay more.

Is sexism always bad, is there benevolent sexism - chivalry?

Medicine can have different tendencies in male and female bodies.