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Age discrimination

Types of legal age discrimination

Types of discrimination the government does in terms of age
  • Age you must go to school
  • Age you must not leave school before
  • Age you can live on your own
  • Age you can work
  • Age of consent (sexually)
  • Age you can take contraceptives
  • Age you can get married
  • Age of driving
  • Age you can gamble
  • Age you can smoke
  • Age you give legal signature
  • Age you can go to jail
  • Age of draft or going to war
  • Age of voting
  • Age you can stand as MP
  • Age of retirement
  • Drinking age (note you can't drink under a certain age, but you can at home if supervised)
  • Age you can take medicine
Strangely enough there is no age that you have to start paying taxes

Age as a proxy

Age is being used as a proxy for other things
Lets take the age of retirement, lets assume that the law exists because either/and
  1. Working past 65 stops new workers coming into the workforce
  2. Working past 65 is bad for your health
  3. Working past 65 means some people might be exploited

Number 1. is a big false lie. It works on the basis that there is only a fixed amount of jobs. But if an old person works past 65, they may stop others taking their job, but with the extra income they get and eventually spend create a new one. 

Number 2. some peoples jobs are bad for their health at any age, and some are good. You should stop the bad health jobs, or make them more healthy rather than banning older workers. If its the age itself that's unhealthy so they shouldn't work, that doesn't make any sense as some people over 65 are healthy and some people below 65 are not.

Number 3. The lack of job opportunities for older workers means they do not have so many choices, so it is possible to be exploited. But the law should be against exploitation, and not age. The problem with the age law is it stops those working who would not be exploited, and that is the majority.


  • 15year olds can get charged adult ticket prices on planes but not served adult drinks.
  • They should only be given the vote if they also allowed to stand as a member of parliament or form their own recognised political party
  • I think if you're old enough to be shot at on behalf of your country, you should be entitled to a say on who orders the armed forces around. 
  • No taxation without representation! I was paying tax when I was 16, therefore I should have been allowed to vote. It's as simple as that


  • The fact is that maturity is largely socially influenced, they don't stop behaving like kids until that behaviour is not longer rewarded within their peer group. 
  • If people think children are not responsible, then what is the education system teaching them each day?
  • All of these minimum ages come down to responsibility, how is this age/responsibility correlation determined.
  • There is a very unclear boundary that exists between maturity and immaturity.


  • Have an age when certain things can be done, but have a test for those who want to do it sooner.
  • Give youth half a vote
  • let them gamble certain amounts

Treating people the same is the only way the country is going to move forward as one, Some people need to read the equality and diversity act.