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Means and ends.

Social justice and legal Moralism take the view that justice can be overruled, because the ends justifies the means and any circumstance they wish.

But means to ends is a non nonsensical idea.

Taking their premise that the ends justifies the means, the means is limited, and using certain means undermines other ends.

This means it is a impossibility that the ends justifies the means.


Libertarian philosophy is a humanistic philosophy.

In America it is very easy to point to the founders, the constitution and the like to promote liberty. The U.K needs to promote liberty as being British and part of the history.

i.e Celebrate Magna Carter day, or womens right to vote etc etc that celebrate the libertarian tradition.


Representing government

In pictures display government in the correct manner that is:
The gun, the club, handcuffs and as a fat person squashing everyone Or a prison


  • Three line whip from the people (three line whip is when the party punishes you for voting against them)
Society has become depoliticized.


R on Paul - this is an american politician who has been working for yeas tirelessly for the cause of liberty and freedom You Tube

On the rights page change the picture so that the Right to liberty has the following on the right of it.
"You have a right to your labour" ---> add this to the rights section.

Freedom to Facism

  • There is a representation of a man on a hamster wheel to represent paying taxes.
  • Government is there to redistribute wealth and control society.

How to Win the Revolution Peacefully? Make it a Laughing Matter

Concept -- where there can only be one collective outcome (such as number of national troops) that is a good for government to govern.

Public vs Private choice

Laws should state what you should not do - everything else you can do
Governments constitutions ahouls state what they can do, and nothing else.

Make a list of skills we need
Printing skills
Videoing skills
Speech writing skills
Debating skills(Turning defence to attack.)
Media training
Use a tablet for speeches
These are examples of how videos should look.

Read The fabrick of reality (david detsch)

Personal savings

So the government's solution to help people is to take even more from other people? Nice one. Did anyone consider how many of those "other people" are also struggling?

The three big money mistakes are too much house, car or commuting. Follow to learn more. Coming soon!

Too many people view money as something just to be 'spent' - pay check to pay check.Try saving or investing it.

If wealth was distributed equally there ould be no savings and investment, only expenditure and no reason to accumulate it.

What about delayed gratification? We must live within our means and once our needs are met (needs are a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food in your stomach) everything else is a want and secondary.

scapegoating the rich for peoples inability to live on a budget.

Archimedes,walking through a market,said he was amazed that there were so many things he didn't need. And I don't think there were mobiles then.

I give my kinds enough to do something, but not enough to do nothing.

Here we will list the major players in the debate about whether you own yourself or not.

Throughout history there has been a mammoth struggle for the rights of man. One of the battlegrounds is that of the field of Economics. 
Here is a list of who is considered the most important economists in history. It is useful to know about them as what they have preached has influenced many in society and gives justification for certain actions and policies.

Ron Paul Interviewed by Kevin Miller
  • The individual is responsible for protecting themselves.
  • If a company sells bad products the consumer should be able to litigate.
  • the market is not perfect but it is going to be so much better than when you have it politicised. Especially when the government makes one decision for every one of us.
  • Government creates a lot of pre-emptive legislation, but they don't apply that to a newspaper

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

   -- Edward R. Murrow

"A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy" 
   --  Guy Fawkes

"A socialist is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money." (I have substituted socialist for liberal here).
   --  G Gordon Liddy

Look up the Malthusian Trap