We are not after power, we are after influence

What is the goal of this organisation?

In simple terms a smaller state is the goal, the size and remit of the state is out of control.

The point of all this sites knowledge and debate is to effect action. 


That would depend on the circumstances of your situation. 
  • How much of your rights are being violated
  • Does the system allow legal change
  • Is there redress
People have a right to self defence, you are always allowed to defend your rights, no matter who the violators are, how many there are or what they stand for. Especially if the system has no form protection, or redress if they are violated.

Action that requires the lowest effort/cost and gets the most change would seem wisest.
In reality almost every case this would be non-violent action. Using violence almost always means some physical harm will be returned to you, losing the freedom of your life or limbs seems a high price to potentially gain some other freedom. 
This is especially true if the struggle is not urgent, essential, or there are alternative ways of effecting change.

Using non violent methods basically would be more effective in the long run, and less damaging to ourselves.
Does that mean that our role is playing a metaphorical tug of war with those that disagree and never achieving real change? Potentially so, but if that's the case we might just always end up in the middle, or even losing.

We need to come up with creative solutions and maybe even alter the goal to get the society we want.
Some suggestions
  • Congregate with like minded people to build the society we want
  • Work on systematic cultural change
THis website intends to educate the public.

What are the problems?

Apathetic people
Who have yet to be convinced that politics is important

Disillusioned people
Who have yet to be convinced that voting or action will make a difference or is important

Uneducated people
People who think its important to vote or take action, but not necessary to think about who they vote for.
e.g Its important to vote and I will vote as my parents vote.

Educated people
That disagree with the direction we want to take

Armchair small government supporters.
These are people that believe in small government but don't do anything about it.

The purpose of this website is to convey this concept in the most effective way possible.  It is a collaborative effort, so if you see anything that can be improved please contact us and let us know.

See a clip on this philosophy...                 (Flash video source here.)

Philosophy of freedom