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"Mises described the market as a daily referendum on what should be produced and who should produce it. Every penny spent by consumers, in countless daily transactions, acts like a vote in a continual ballot, determining how much of each and every thing should be produced, and drawing production to where it is most highly valued. It is much more efficient than taking decisions through political elections, where people get to vote only every few years, and even then are voting for a package of disparate measures. In the market, every penny really does count, and it counts every day."

   --  Dr Eamonn Butler

What Michael Moore fails to realize is that every time we spend our money, we are in fact "voting".
We vote with our wallets everyday!
The companies that don't get our money, are voted out!
That's why it's so important for our government to not interfere in the people's "vote" by bailing out the failed companies or giving certain companies unfair advantages and special favours..

Voting is only one half the equation. The other half is consent. We live in a world where we can choose to consent, to almost everything we do.
Except where government is involved, then we have no choice. 
We should only have to accept votes that we consent to.

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