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When selecting women only candidates, does that mean male brown, disabled and gay candidates will be denied the same opportunity?
At first sight, the policy seems patently absurd. At second, third and fourth sight, it gets worse. It would not only be illegal under human rights legislation, but it sends the clearest of political messages: that talent, experience and intelligence is irrelevant in New Zealand, and political correctness is everything.

Politicians pay

There seems to be some complaints over politicians pay increases and that it is unfair. Yes if you were to include politicians as a normal 9-5 job I agree. But its not. A politician is a leader, and hence their pay rises should coincide with CEO's or leadership positions.
Whats more a politician has considerable risk in his/her job. They have to invest a lot of time and money in getting their position, moreso than a normal 9-5 job. In this way they are an entrepreneur, and deserve a higher rate of return. How can we attract more people to run as politicians if we don't make a generous payment.
I am in no way defending what politicians do or how they spend your money for you, but it is not an issue of fairness.