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"All forms of hierarchical authority are intrinsically corrupt. Those with authority need to be given as little power as possible, and need to be watched constantly by those on whose behalf their authority is exercised."

   --  Vernon Coleman

Boundaries of authority

Breakdown in role's causes lack of authority. i.e what is the schools responsibility and what is the parents. If this is not clear there will be gaps in authority. Loss of strong authority has caused a vacuum.

Removing judgement from authority makes that authority weaker.


The source of the governments authority is "the consent of the governed" This means the government is not the ruler, but the agent of the citizens.

   --  Ayn Rand

If you want to drink, you do not need anyones consent
If you want to eat, you do not need anyones consent
If you want to sleep, you do not need anyones consent
If you want to work, you do not need anyones consent
If you want to keep your own hard earned money from working you must have the governements consent

                                    Employer Government
Who needs your consent to make you work Y             Y
Who needs your consent to have sex with you Y             Y

Who is this government that we consent to

“Still another reason why the payment of taxes implies no consent, or pledge, to support the government, is that the taxpayer does not know, and has no means of knowing, who the particular individuals are who compose "the government." To him "the government" is a myth, an abstraction, an incorporeality, with which he can make no contract, and to which he can give no consent, and make no pledge. He knows it only through its pretended agents. "The government" itself he never sees.”

   --  Lysander Spooner


"By manufacturing false needs and turning humans into voracious consumers, modern societies are able to paralyse criticism through the spread of widespread and sultifying affluence. Even the apparent tolerance of liberal capitalism serves as a repressive purpose that it creates the impression of free debate and argument, thereby concealing the extent to which indoctrination and ideological control take place."

   --  Andrew Heywood

Source of authority

Hobbsian view

Life is nasty without a state.
People conflict over status instead of resources
State = protection racket but better than nothing

If state was minimal most people will join by choice. Needs to coerce to stop free riding
Therefore State is necessary

So what should the State limits be?

Welfare basis (utilitarian)
  • Maximising welfare – You can’t do it because it doesn't maximise aggregation(you cant add peoples welfare up) But you can do it on an individual level.
  • Subjective probabilities can be wrong. – Therefore state can be wrong, no point listing, therefore no point prescribing
  • Objective utility can be different per person.
  • Parents give different children different treatment, government can’t do this.
  • Politicians have to say they love you because they are about to push you around.
  • Even if politicians are better at managing our lives we probably wouldn't let them manage our individual lives as we don’t trust them.
  • What justifies the legal rights is the welfare.
  • Property rights are important for welfare

In Muslim times

Caliph Abu Bakr, made clear in his acceptance speech that his authority was that of a deputy to Mohammed and he did not assert the right to construct the laws arbitrarily. He would forfeit his right to govern were he ever to deviate from the teachings of the prophet.




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