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Battles won by libertarians:
  • Separation of church and state
  • Limitation of power through constitutions
  • Freedom of speech
  • Debunking of mercantilism and replacing with free trade
  • Abolition of slavery
  • Personal freedom and legal toleration for minorities

Libertarians are exclusively defined by means rather than ends and believe Government is regrettably necessary for protection of our rights.

Social justice and legal moralism has lead to dystopias, whereas libertarianism had lead to unparalleled prosperity.

Democracy only works for the poor if the public care about the poor people . Otherwise democracy is no better than libertarianism is for the poor. If the public do care about the poor, then in a libertarian society they will give to charity.

Some redistribution is permissible but not the wholesale destruction of legal institutions and rights to do so as most socialist societies has done.

The other side will never let libertarians say they care for the poor, or that we they are moral?

Libertarians want the minimal amount of rights, as rights demand force the others keep adding rights.

Randy Barnett suggests replacing word liberty with 'discretion' - same (libertarian) meaning; less ideological baggage

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