What is Ideology?

Is Ideology good or bad?

Ideology is neither good or bad, ideology is just a modelling tool. Everyone has one, even if it is not to have one.
I have heard politicians deride anyone with an ideology, dismissing them all. Not only is this logically flawed, but this is their excuse to sit on the fence and change positions when it suits.
It allows politicians to state that their role is a managing role rather than be proactive, it allows them to be reactive, a lack of vision hurts us all in the end. 
While it is true that some ideology's have lead to ruin, that does not mean to say it is the case for all ideology.

Why is it that values and collection of values known as principles are ok, but a collection of principles known as an ideology is somehow inherently bad.

There needs to be a distinction between ideologies that are violent and those that are not violent.

Now that politicians label ideology as bad, they now lump persons of principle into the category of ideologues .


The United Kingdom has been spared most of the 'isms
  • Communism
  • Facism 
  • Racism
  • Nationalism
  • etc

The main reason for this is the strong sense of individual liberty in the culture.

Any ideology should be scalable

A government of many cannot have more righ

Russia Today on radical ideas

  • "The ideas aren't radical, they require you to put some thought into it
  • They may be counter-intuitive to the things you think are true. People find it easier to say its radical rather take a step back and think about it."
  • People are so used to the way that things are they think change will be worse, but it could actually make things better.
  • It is hard to say yes to the truth, because if you have been the one causing the problem, and it has been going on for a while, even if it is correct they will not think it is.
  • People who feel that things are going well for them do not want change.
  • Crowd mentality stops people thinking outside the box


  • Politicians need to get off the fence and admit they have an ideology.