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Treat politics like sport – who’s winning or losing rather than substance. Its unlikely they will report on the substance of an argument if they could report on if oen made another look bad, or one did something out of the ordinary.

To learn how to write

  • Read: Essential English (Harold Evans)
  • Newspapers love conflict, make sure to have conflict
  • Write about topical issues to get them in the newspapers, but not pieces that will already be written by paid reporters of the paper as you won’t write as well as them.
  • Ask the editors if there is anything they would like to see.
  • Sell ideas to likeminded political people and they should filter up the political spectrum.
  • Collect Anecdotes
  • Find a journalist who wrote a similar subject and send them what you are doing
  • Perceptions are real – play to perceptions
  • Frame arguments in terms of people and results rather than philosophy's
    Start articles
    Cheats way to start  is to start with a question (Especially if not sure how to start)
    Using “you” keeps it relevant to the reader. (i.e “Would you be interested in?”)
    more You’s are better
    Example ”In the meantime poor people will suffer under the system supposed to help them”

    How to get noticed

    To get on a program radio or TV:
    Create an A4 sheet of paper and put a few bullet points of interest on it.