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Left and Right

Origins of left and right

Political compass (left/right and up/down)

Classing people as left or right

The use of the term "Rightwingers" is a phrase often used by people who wish to dismiss the views of a broad range of people.


Observe, in politics that the term extremism has become a synonym of "evil" regardless of the content of the issue. (the evil is not what you are "extreme" about, but that you are "extreme")

   --  Ayn Rand

On being called extremist

I want pretty significant changes, some people might call that extreme. 
The problem is we have allowed our government to become extreme. We who want to balance the budget are called extremist, and those who ran up a massive deficit are not.
I see myself as a rather moderate person, who wants to live within the law , balance the budgets, and believes in free markets.

Role of the left

Some people who ponder what a centre-left party is for when there isn't much money about