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Quote 358

"Exploitation is wrong by anyone, Communism is exploitation of the strong by the weak"

   --  Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

"Capitalism was supposed to destroy the middle class, leaving a tiny clique of oligarchs ruling over a vast proletariat. In fact, capitalism has enlarged the bourgeoisie wherever it has been practised. Capitalism was supposed to lower living standards for the majority. In fact, the world is wealthier than would have been conceivable 150 years ago. The whole market system was supposed to be on its last legs when Marx and Engels were writing. In fact, it was entering a golden age, hugely benefiting the poorest. As the economist Joseph Schumpeter put it, the princess was always able to wear silk stockings, but it took capitalism to bring them within reach of the shopgirl."

   --  Daniel Hannan

Communisim treats people as though they're machines with no free will.

Government does not accomplish, they decomplish
If you don't use the invisible hand, you must use the red hand of Lenin/Stalin