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Arts & film subsidies

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Art- funded by everyone, for the benefit of art lovers.

Art is a massive private industry, there is no need or good from public subsidies of Art.

Those who wish to cut arts subsidies are often called "philistines". But there is a difference between appreciating the arts and believing that the state should support the arts. England's rich cultural tradition  developed free of government funding. There can be a thriving commercial arts scene without state funding. Government funding will often get the arts the government wants.
The removal of user charges from museums not only removed an important source of revenue but also has the effect of maling museums less interested in their visitors.


  • Art was thriving well before government started funding it.
  • Art had to appeal to people, rather than to Govt. or bureaucrats
  • Shakespeare in his day was commercially successful, today the royal Shakespeare company gets 50% of its funding from Government. It doesn't even have to write the plays.
  • State crowds out private funding