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It is ironic that socialists and welfare statists often pose as champions of the poor at the same time that they vigorously defend restrictions on migration that use barbed wire, armed patrols , and other forms of force to keep desperately poor people away from wealthy countries where they would have opportunities to improve their lot.

Problem with discussing immigration is some people treat immigration is equal to racism, and they are not the same thing.
If they haven't got a job and have no means to support themselves, why let them into your country in the first place?
Immigrants should pay a bond, it is returned when they leave, or used to buy their ticket back.

Good and bad immigrants

Immigrants that contribute to our society, great.
Immigrants that rely on the state, not great.

It's not racism to stay no to immigrants who can't support themselves.

Why let immigrants in that cannot speak the language, they have very little chance at a job.

Are they taking our jobs?

They are taking our jobs?

  • Tight labour markets are the best friend any worker ever had.
  • People are restricted against talking about immigrants because they dobn't want to hurt their immigrant friends.
  • Pro immigrant, anti-immigration
  • Immigration does not make even a very tiny dent in the third world, growth over there dwarfs the immigrants coming into the west.
  • Bureaucrats have set immigration numbers without regard to the effect on the current population
  • The third world people have to bloom where they are planted
  • Immigration affects social fabric and natural resources


Politicians need to wake up to the real fear in this country that we are being invaded and taken over with foreigners who are changing our culture and way of life. The destruction of culture occurs when mass immigration happens at a faster rate than they new people can be integrated.

Link between benefits and immigration

If people who come to a country and don't have a job to support themselves, and shouldn't be allowed in, then why should people who move within a country to a region without work get a benefit.

History of immigration

The first people to show up in Britain weren’t even the same species as us. Homo heidelbergensis first came to British shores (the shores were different back then though) about 700,000 years ago.

• About 130,000 years ago another non-human-human settled in Britain. Homo neanderthalensis (Neanderthal man) stuck around for about 100,000 years.

• About the time Neanderthal man popped off (about 32,000 years ago), another human species, Cro-Magnon man, made Britain his home. But then an Ice Age kicked everyone out and, by the time it was warm enough to return (about 14,700 year ago), modern humans (homo sapiens) ruled the roost.

• Around 8,500 years ago, all that melting ice raised sea levels and separated Britain from Europe.

• In the 3rd millennium BCE, the delightfully-named ‘Beaker people’ moved in from Central Europe and introduced the Brits to the Bronze age.

• Next in were the Celts (which was a culture and not a particular genetic population) who brought with them the language we were speaking when the Romans stuck their nose into Britain in the first century AD.

• Over the course of the 400 years of Roman settlement, they imported soldiers and slaves from all over their Empire.

• Immigration really sped up when the Romans left. In the following six centuries, Britain saw the arrival of Angles, Saxons and Jutes; Germanic people from the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden; and, of course, the all-conquering and all-settling Vikings.

• In 1066 the Normans (descended from Viking settlers in France) nicked Britain and ruled the roost for a couple of centuries, during which time many French people moved in.

• Over the following centuries all sorts of people arrived on British shores (although not via invasion). 

• The Romani (Gypsies), who originally came from India, arrived in the 1500s. 

• Huguenots, who were French Protestant fleeing persecution, arrived in the 1600s. 

• Indians were brought in from England’s new empire in the 1600s and 1700s and Africans, brought in as slaves and settled as servants, arrived in the 1700s. 

• Lots of Germans moved in during the 1800s (THe British Queen has German ancestry) followed by German Jews and Russian Jews who were fleeing persecution in the 1900s...


Multiculturalism is an ideology which creates division and encourages ethnic communities to live seperately. It has long been rejected by the French and other nations, who prefer the integrationist 'When in rome' model.


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