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State Pension


  • Welfare....great system. Laudable.
    And was designed for 1950's Britain. With virtually full employment, and far more balanced demographics. 
    And you still want it all, and more. And will vote for whoever seems to preserve it all....but you don't want the chancellor making you pay for it.
  • The current elderly have wealth because they borrowed it from the future. Our future.
  • If this government cant afford benefits why give billions in aid to other countries?
  • A social model created in 1945, where most workers had barely 5yrs of retirement before death is not working in 2012
  • The State Pension and its perks should be linked to the next generations prosperity. So if one generation mess up for the next they pay the price with a lower state pension. If the next generation receive the country in a prosperous state then the young should pay a better pension to the old with higher NI payments.
  • These benefits were paid as a fop to prevent a pensioners revolt.Rather than a fair pension increase,to keep in line with inflation and the ever rising cost of living. The government of the day decided to have a drip drip of supplements to keep the pensioners "on side" and that's the truth of it.

Means testing

You can not punish people who have managed to save some money after paying taxes and NI contributions there whole lives! What happened to a fair society. 

WHY? everyone pays tax and national insurance, so why should some get some return and others not? I thought the British government was signed up to "fairness and equality" clearly not!!!!

Carefree generations

Massive house price inflation
Free University Education
Child benefit
MIRAS (Double MIRAS for the unmarried)
Generous Occupational Pensions (that company's can no longer afford)
Cheap Energy Prices
High Annuities


The elderly should get a tax refund from all the taxes they paid into the welfare system. Then cancell  the pension system. 
(This will never happen but suggesting it might make pensioners relise they didn't pay enough to make the system work)