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Sales taxes

Quote 876

To tax stimulants for the sole purpose of making them more difficult to be obtained, is a measure differing only in degree from their entire prohibition; and would be justifiable only if that were justifiable. Every increase of cost is a prohibition, to those whose means do not come up to the augmented price; and to those who do, it is a penalty laid on them for gratifying a particular taste. Their choice of pleasures, and their mode of expending their income, after satisfying their legal and moral obligations to the State and to individuals, are their own concern, and must rest with their own judgment.

   --  John Stuart Mill

Exercise taxes
The trouble is, we get told that "everything" is bad for you.


  • Excise taxes are regressive taxes
  • Excise goods tend to not be price sensitive


  • Any tax has to be looked as apotentially being introduced primarily to strengthen the coffers.
  • Its our money and government have put taxes on so we know what we must spend it on
  • Prohibition by taxes! 
  • More money for politicians wages


  • Why would you want to introduce another tax to the UK when we are one of the highest taxed countries in the world?
  • Typical fraudulent abuse of the power to tax. 

Social engineering

Demand an end to social engineering by taxation and a return to the concept that taxes are levied solely to pay for the services that the state is obliged to provide to its citizens.

Stealth taxes

Why is fuel duty not printed on petrol stations receipts, or why is alcohol tax not shown on receipts in bars and pubs?



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