"The United States of America was founded on a series of premises: that concentrated power corrupts; that jurisdiction should be dispersed; that decision makers should be accountable; that taxes should not be raised, nor laws passed, save by elected representatives; that the executive should be answerable to the legislature."

   --  Daniel Hannan

What governments do

Quote 608

They (the holders of authority) are so ready to spare us all sort of troubles , except those of obeying and paying

Governments do 4 things 

Scope of government

Government They are
Taxes in your wallet
Legislates in your mouth/fridge
Regulates in your workplace
Hospitals in your body
School in your mind
Moralises in your beliefs

If technology allowed it they would be in your sleep
What is left for you?

What are peoples understanding of governments?

A great indicator of how well somebody understands government operations is when you are talking about the Federal Government and their first argument brings up fireman or policemen. Before anybody states their political opinion they should suffer through a non-opinionated (i.e., not right/left/ north) civics lesson about which functions are executed at city, state, and country levels.