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Local investment

Foreign investment

Jamie Whyte - paraphrasing
Greed it usally harmless
My greed is harmless as I cannot force people to give up what I need, I need to offer them something they want in return. In this way my greed benefits others.
Anti-capitalists claim that large multi-national companies “exploit” workers and “force” other firms out of business. Sometimes companies do wield coercive power but, ironically, never in the free markets that anti-capitalists.
It matters not whether a local company opens a factory, or a multinational if the worker gets the same wage. Both benefit the local worker the same and the job is taken voluntarily. Where is the exploitation?

A supermarket chain such as Tesco “forcing” a high-street butcher out of business. Where is the force? The supermarket’s scale allows it to offer shoppers lower prices than the butcher. They voluntarily switch suppliers and the butcher goes out of business. No one has been coerced.
Sex may make the matter clearer. Tim is a local boy who all the local girls think is gorgeous and who enjoys the attendant benefits. One day a handsome American named Brad moves into town. Brad uses his superior “pulling power” to seduce the women Tim used to get.This is disappointing for Tim. But Brad has wielded no power from which people must be protected. Coercion is involved only when someone acts involuntarily. Deny this and you cannot distinguish seduction from rape, employment from slavery, or buying something from stealing it.It is, in fact, those who wish to protect the “victims” of free markets who would employ force.

Insider information

Insider information can be beneficial. It allows shares to be priced more acurately. Investing in any market involves asymetric information.
Insider information also tends to be unenforacble. How can you prove someone traded on inside info, or that a connected friend was influenced.




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