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Rent Controls

What are rent controls?


Rent control refers to laws or ordinances that set price controls on the renting of residential housing. It functions as a price ceiling.

Wider definition

  • Is mandatory provision of some services a form of rent control?

In a market economy, prices, including rents, are just messengers of scarcity.

Agree on problem, but not soultion of rent control

Rent prices are a problem in the U.K

If rents were capped at a level noticeably below market rates:
  • A lot of these reluctant landlords would be among the first to take their properties off the market, and simply use them for themselves and their families.
  • On the demand side, a lot of people who live in shared accommodation would look for a place of their own. 
  • More people would chase fewer properties, making the gap between supply and demand even wider.
Another alternative, would be to relax building regulations, such as building height restrictions. A lot of land use is wasted by not allowing building to be buold at an economical height.

Rent controls have failed everywhere they are tried, and make the problems worse.
High rents is s symptom, not a cause.

Why should I pay rent to a landlord

If your objection is to needing accommodation, the landlord is not responsible for you needs that pre-existed your relationship.
If your objection is, that things that you use cost money, you have bigger problems.

Everything that can be made use of has a cost. If you don't want to pay the cost. Don't use it. Housing is one of the biggest costs of all.
If you don't want to pay the cost and you use the goods, then why would/should other people who did not use those goods want to pay it?

If your objection is that other people have saved up money, the word for that is jealousy, and not a basis for change in society.