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Gun Licencing

What is a gun licence?


A licence granted to own a gun

Wider definition

  • Do you need a gun licence to own anything that fires projectiles, e.g a slingshot?

Guns in New Hampshire

Gun Licencing

Video talking about the Free state project- In New Hampshire it is legal to carry a gun.
One man says he carries it for the same reason he has a fire extinguisher in his kitchen, smoke alarm in his house and an air-bag in his car.

Shooting in Arizona

One of the problems of a free society is that one crazy person can do something like this.
If we took all the steps necessary to prevent this attack we would either not be able to meet with our elected officials or a lot of people we only think are crazy would be in jail -- locked up.
All this talk of "watching our language" in public debate runs counter to freedom of speech and ignores the fact that in a country of 300 million people there was only 1 person who didn't grasp that speech is speech -- that you don't use a gun in a debate.
We can not create a free society in which there is no chance of a tragedy like this.

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Guns in Switzerland

Guns in Switzerland

Guns in the U.K

  • Almost anyone with a gun need to have a certificate, issued by their local chief police officer - exceptions include members of the armed forces
  • The certificate must be renewed every five years, and can be revoked
  • Convicted criminals sentenced to three years or more are banned permanently from owning a gun; those sentenced to three months or more are banned for five years
  • Firearms can only be owned by members of the public for use during hunting and sport.

Whats wrong with banning Guns

  • hobbies like target and clay shooting can be affected
  • hunting
  • Farmers use it as a tool 
  • and pest controllers too.
The law abiding majority can't get a gun for home defence. 
But criminals ignore the law (because that's what criminals do). So we have the perverse situation where the criminals are armed, but the law-abiding are unable to arm themselves in self-defence.

Every time there's an incident the government 
  • Go after legitimate licence holders, 
  • Tighten the rules up 
  • Force a few more people out of the sport
Something needs to be seen to be done, but the causes are untouched. Sometimes police checks have not been done properly.

Ignoring the real issue

Guns are no more deadly than almost any other object. What makes them deadly is their use. If you want to reduce gun deaths the focus should be on the education system, teaching kids how to settle differences and communicate. Or on mental services.
They are a scapegoat for the failings of society.



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