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What is a car?


A self-propelled road vehicle designed to carry passengers

Wider definition

Is a buggy powered by wind on the road a car?

What's wrong with car safety?

Nothing, the more the merrier, its when its forced on people that its a problem. It makes cars less affordable, and sometimes for only a marginal benefit.

Unlike cycle safety there is more of a case for car safety.
Cycle safety is mostly about protecting the cyclist, something that should not have to be legislated for.
Car safety is important, because when it goes wrong, it can have the results of a weapon. There is more justification for legislating safety here.

Compulsory car 
  • Seat belts
  • Blood alcohol (drink driving)
  • Car seats for children
The problem with mandatory seat-belts, is the state is making choices about your risk preferences. Also it denies people the right not to wear one.

Curfews for younger drivers.

More accidents are caused by younger drivers and more accidents happen at night. Rather than introduce a curfew, perhaps better licence tests could be designed. In the U.K Learners are not allowed on the motorway. So how can they pass a proper test?
Will the government also apply this to older drivers?
Does this mean that younger drivers should pay less road tax, since they can use their car less?
How would this effect youth unemployment?
Some rural areas without public transport mean having car use is essential.
Accidents are caused by irresponsibility, not age.
What about telematics improving the young's driving?
Would the curfew be properly policed?
A curfew would reduce younger persons experience of driving at night, and push the problems down the road (no pun intended).
Driving tests are designed to be passes by almost anyone. so why not fix the problem there.

Peverse effects


Before it was mandatory...

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Mandatory Seat-belt wearing was introduced in 1983.