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Forced Action

Is a forced action taken voluntarily still forced action? 
e.g telling a child, they can brush their own teeth, or you can brush their teeth for them. 
But they must brush their teeth. Is this forced action if they have a choice?

Types of forced action

  • Forced movement (Extradition)
  • Forced participation (voting , testifying, conscription, jury, military service)
  • Forced disclosure (Sexual partners, tax return filing)

What's wrong with forced action?

It violates self ownership, and is backed up with violence if not complied with.
It puts the costs of an action on the victim. The benefits are to be found elsewhere

What forced action says about the victim

I am not a tool for their use, I am not a servant of their needs.

   --  Ayn Rand

Forced voting

Is there an agenda to gerrymander results by getting people to vote who otherwise would not?
The excuse for this is  "civic duty", or that Democracy is under threat.
However the way to "rescue" democracy is to give people better politics.
Some forms of compulsory voting allow for abstention on acceptable grounds such as religion.

Australia has had compulsory voting since 1924.

A high turnout based on a mandatory system does not translate into a politically engaged electorate.

Quite often compulsory voting is not enforced.

People who don't vote or spoil ballots, may wish to vote for none of the above. This is not an option, if voting is forced then this should be an option.

What about forcing voting in local elections to improve turnout?
Perhaps devolution would engage voters more.

Forced testifying to the state

If you have committed, no crime, and not responsible for public funds, why should you be punished?

Effects of bullying


US extradition agreement with Great Britain in 1794
British Extradition Act of 1870


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