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However, there are circumstances where the face should be seen - for example, pupils and teachers in schools, and in the courtroom when giving a testimony or being questioned. Communication without any barriers is paramount in these situations. Also it is important to show one's face to verify identity for security reasons.

France has banned the full face veil.

The face veil, is not considered a religious obligation.

Some women are forced to wear the veil. But how is forcing women not ot wear the veil any better. Force is overrriding the personal choice.
Religious freedom isn't absolute.

We force people to remove a veil at an airport, or giving testimony, so the pricinple is establish, the question is just how much and where.

Many of us find the practice disturbing and regard it as backward, but that's no justification for banning it. 
In a free society, the state must allow citizens to do as they please as long as it doesn't harm others, and to resolve any problems that arise through negotiation and informal give and take, rather than legislating on the minutiae of everyday life.

When ID is required then masks off. No question about it.

How an employee is allowed to dress is a matter for their employer; if you don't like it you can find another job.

What if we think of a veil as a mask?

Would we think of censoring other clothing styles?
  • Topless men
  • See through leggings
  • Low cut tops
  • See thru tops
  • Hotpants
  • Wonderbras
  • Skinny jeans
  • Hipster jeans
  • Any visible underwear
  • Tattoos on the face
  • Piercings on the face
  • Excessive make up on the face
  • Hoods that cover the face
Is wearing a Niquab comparable to wearing amilitary uniform, camouflage trousers, jacket and a balaclava?
In the west we do not cover our faces. We associate such behaviour with burglars, robbers, terrorists and children's bogey men.

This issue isn't about a woman's freedom of choice. It's about discriminating against men.


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