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Definition of a smack

a sharp slap or blow, typically one given with the palm of the hand.

What is a Smack?

Is a tap a smack? Does this really qualify as something that should be banned??
Is a hit a smack? Hitting a child should definitely be banned.

Why is smacking so divisive?

Parents are custodians of their children. They therefore have responsibility for the children's actions. A child is not considered to be legally culpable. With children you need a tool-set of skills in order to manage them. Each child is also different. 
Parents did not need any qualifications to be a parent, so their skills and tool-set may be limited. Some children may not respond well to non-physical discipline.
Therefore in these situation a parent may feel if smacking was banned that they have the responsibility for raising a child without the means to do so.

On the other hand proponents of anti smacking suggest it is a form of abuse. This cannot be denied as animals and adults are not to be treated like this.
However is the damage from the smack greater than the damage of not smacking? We could only tell this on a case by case basis who and how hard and where the smack takes place.

Why is an extra ban needed?

We already have abuse laws, why not just prosecute when there is abuse? Not when parents are trying to help their children.
Will a ban stop child abusers beating their children?
Would this not just criminalise a large portion of society?
If hitting a child will be illegal, will a child hitting a parent be illegal?
What about the State, will they punished every time they smack one of the population via the police officers, or smack the population with fines?
Those who want to stop violence in society, how do they plan on doing so. Have a discussion with the offenders, or use violence to stop them?
Will punishment work if it does not hurt?
Is there ANY area of our lives that the Govt. regards as "private"?
Can we ban the word discipline - cause we will never see it again?
Should we ban it or make it mandatory?
Should we ban meddling govt busybodies?
What next banning of the naughty step?
Should school bullying be a higher priority?

Legal history

The 2004 Children's Act removed the defence of "reasonable chastisement" in England and Wales for any punishment towards a child that leads to bruising, swelling, cuts, grazes or scratches.


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