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A wheel clamp, also known as wheel boot, parking boot, or Denver boot, is a device that is designed to prevent vehicles from being moved. 

The case for not restricting wheel clamping

Nobody likes clamping, unless you are a clamper. But there are occasions when clamping needs to be done. Generally clamping is a solution for administering parking spaces when another more appropriate solution has not been provided.

Some people take advantage and charge extortionate amounts or put over restrictive parking restrictions that lead to clamping. This is not good behaviour but if the parking spaces belong to the individual and the person parking is made aware of the risks there is no need to legislate.
  • Banning clamping is another rule that only appeases rulebreakers.
  • Solution is to ban clamping, but bad bad clampers. Why should property owners not be able to punish those who park on their land?
  • Banning clamping only increases unemployment of clampers
  • Parking on someone else's land is akin to squatting which is also illegal.

Balancing needs
I have sympathies both for motorists who unwittingly get caught out but also landowners who are inconvenienced by 'illegal' parking.
Those who hold private land owners in low regard for parking, will have no complaints if people start parking in their gardens?

Problems with Clamping
Parking tickets that can be contested is fair and proper, but clamping cant be contested
Drivers only know they have made an error a few days later when an extortionate fine arrives through the post.

Does it apply only to private land?
The driver who is clamped in a public space will pay the council but they don't get anything if it's on private land. "Generous" legislation which doesn't apply to them. Why should private individuals have less protection then the council?

Land owners do not have control over their own land


  • Parking tickets
  • Land owners should secure the parking places so people cannot park their.
  • You can buy a tyre valve remover online for about £3.00 - if anyone parks on your land remove all four tyre valves and 
    place them on the cars roof (you wouldn't want to be done for stealing would you) then stand back and watch the fun!
  • If you think you might have trouble parking, use public transport, and walk
  • Provide sufficient spaces
  • Cars can be towed away