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Should styles should be restricted?

What are styles?


A particular procedure by which something is done; a manner or way.

Wider Definition

So effectively everything that has a form abstract or concrete will have a style, intentional or not.

Types of styles regulated

  • Haircuts banned as well! (in North Korea)
  • Beards (compulsory in some places an banned in others).
  • Weight
  • The 1732 Hat Act - Musnt buy Amerian made hats
  • 1463 The English Parliament passed a law prohibiting men from wearing short coats and gowns that did not cover "privy members and buttocks".
  • In 1297, Englishmen in Ireland were banned from adopting Irish hairstyles.

Skinny models

Models who are 'Excessively' skinny have been banned from "modelling agents" and the "fashion houses". 
What is 'excessive' is subjective, but it would be determined as the level where it encourages Anorexia. How you measure 'excessive' is anther matter, some people may be ill or naturally lightly built. The French government have used the BMI, which in itself is not a perfect measure, but a rough guide. An alternative is to let a doctor subjectively decide.
There is also no proof skinny models cause anorexia, or removing them would reduce anorexia. If skinny models were a cause of anorexia, then everyone who read the magazines would get it. But they don't anorexia is caused by other factors, magazines might be the something anorexia sufferers use or aspire to, but not the cause.

What right does the government have to say you can't do a particular profession. They are denying people the right to work.
You may not have sympathy, but imagine the Government said you were not allowed to work in your chosen profession due to a pretext such as weight. 
Also what right does the government have to stop you employing a model you want to use. What if you want to hire an anorexic model to highlight the issue of anorexia? 
It seems like a scapegoat for the governments inability to tackle the mental causes of people who have been though their school system. Its always someone else's fault apart form Governments.

It is not only a ban on a style, its a ban on ability to work.

Known costs, are costs of doctors certificates, delays getting certificates, reduction in pool of models and potential reduced sales.
It also raises companies compliance costs to make sure they are applying the law.


Some countries have a voluntary code, does it really need to be so restrictive to be legislated?
Can't these people still work in the industry, but be photo-shopped to look larger?

History of banning models on weight

Israel 2013
France 2017

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