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What is Sport?


an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Wider definition

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  • Boxing
  • Shooting
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Other attributes

Discrete or continuous
Qualitative or quantitative

What’s wrong with boxing?

Professional boxing has already been prohibited in a number of countries, including Sweden (since 1972 ), Norway (since 1981), North Korea and Cuba, and government regulations are extensive in most places. The American, British, Canadian and World medical associations have all called for the abolition of boxing.
We need to be given an argument that supports the ban for boxing. What is it about boxing that is obscene?

Arguments against xxxx

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The proponents of prohibition must establish not only that boxing is contrary to moral considerations, but that the government has a right and a duty to ban it.

Table 1 Average annual fatality rates in the US per 1,000 participants between 1945 and 19794 
Horse racing 12.8 
Skydiving 12.3 
Hang gliding 5.6 
Mountaineering 5.1 
Scuba diving 1.1 
Motorcycle racing 0.7 
College football 0.3 
Boxing 0.13

xxxx can have positive externalities

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Source of income and jobs

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Censorship is futile

 Banning is likely to make things worse (in terms of the wellbeing of the boxers) and the unintended consequences hence undermine the rationale for banning..
 American research that has been unable to identify any gun law that had reduced violent crime, suicide or gun accidents

Collateral damage

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Banning across borders

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    Teenagers attitudes to xxxx

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    Feminist attitude to xxxx

    Producer level censoring

    Parent or self censoring

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    What next

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