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What is an activity?


A specific deed, action, function, or sphere of action.

Why would anyone ban an activity?

We are all free agents, with the ability to act in our best interests. If we are acting in our best interest there should not be a justification for banning our activities.
However if an activity harms or will harm another person, that activity should be banned. However these activities are called crimes.

What kind of activities can a Government ban?

Governments ban whatever they want using whatever justification they want, if any.
Some Governments have restrictions on what the governments may do to their citizens. Some effective and other circumvent-able.
Governments always seek more control over our lives and seek to incrementally interfere with everything you do.

What the government doesn't usually consider is that the ban could be more damaging than the banned activity in some or most cases. The government doesn't experience most of these negative effects, so is not a consideration. It may experience some benefits from political backers though.

What kind of activities can others ban?

Assuming its not against the prevailing law, non governmental organisation and people can ban what they like. If you don't like the bans, you can set up your own organisation in your image, or go to a competitor. Where bans are are harmful, the effects are fa less than a governmental ban.

Ban on school holidays during term time

Taking a holiday during term time means a kid misses out on structured education for that period. It can also disrupt the flow of education. However a child may gain other valuable education, exposure to other cultures, language , food etc.
The parent is the primary caregiver and decision maker for the child and is in the best place to make the decision for the child.
If the parent is neglectful of the child, there are laws for that and the child should be removed. 
The problem with banning holidays during term time, is for some people that's a ban on all holidays, prices go up during term time by so much, it can be prohibitive to some. 
The ban reflects a failure of government to provide alternatives. Why can't school holidays be staggered, or homework be set so the student can do so on holiday? Or perhaps some other solution.

Where is the harm?
  • Its not a crime to be dumb, or ignorant or know less than average. So how can it be a crime to let you kids miss a few lessons.
  • Children have a right to an education, yes, but they are not slaves to it. One break will not hurt a kid who wants to learn.
  • What happens if your kid is sick for a week or so. Is that the end of their academic life?
  • Education is from many sources now. Kids programs , games, wikipedia, internet perhaps school is not so important.
Problems with the ban
  • School should not be a prison.
  • The question is where does the right of where the kid is during the day lay?
  • Its also bad for travel firms to have all these peaks and troughs, they would prefer smooth demand.
  • Heavy handed approach, to deal with a minority of poor parents who continually don't ensure kids go to school.
  • Any kind of fine for this ban, will be ineffective, unless it is more than the parents will save by taking the holiday. A large fine applied may be draconian if the family can't afford the fine.
Benefits of term time holiday
  • What about family bonding.
  • The other side is employers can't have all their staff off at the same time, so some parents have to work during term breaks.
  • Perhaps schools ought to tailor their product to better suit their clients. 
  • Everyone has to make choices everyday, why should this choice be any different. Get the parent to sign a waiver that they understand the implications of a holiday when they are planning it.
  • Why can't schools completely decide their own holiday rules? What is the need for standardisation?
  • Could it be that parents take holidays during term time, because they don't pay for school? Paying for school directly may change attitudes
  • Why can't the heads or teachers decide on a case by case basis. 
  • The ban doesn't take into account personal circumstances. Perhaps students that do well could be allowed these breaks. That would be a good incentive for parents to support their kids learning.
  • If its so important a kid does not miss education for a few days, then should teachers be banned from striking in term time?


In China, the rules were changed for burials to ban them. Before the deadline elderly were killing themselves to meet the cut-off.
Australia blocked a painting being exported, as it was culturally significant. But the owner free to destroy painting if they want.
Saudi the last country in world to remove female driving ban, 2017, implemented 2018.

France has banned pageants for girls, but it doesn't stop girls from wearing certain clothes, or looking a certain way. Why not just ban these girls from wearing these clothes, or looking a certain way if they are serious about the problem.The truth is they can't because it would be draconian.

History Gambling (needs verification)

UK -1950s and 1960s sports betting was limited to horse race
In the USA the 1961 Wire Act made it illegal for organisations to accept bets on sporting events or contests made by telephone or wire transfer across state boundaries. 




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